Soulland x Uebervart ‘Grie Soss’ Collaboration


»Frankfurter Grie Soß« … as the green sauce is called in the local dialect, is a traditional dish in Frankfurt and consists of sour cream, boiled eggs, spices and – of course – seven particular herbs:  Borage, Chervil, Garden Cress, Parsley, Salad Burnet, Sorrel and Chives. The percentage of each herb should not be more than 30% and 70% of the herbs should have been grown in Frankfurt.  The green sauce has a protected geographical status in Germany and there is even a monument for the »Grie Soß« in Frankfurt.

As a Frankfurt based retailer we want to celebrate the »Grie Soß« together with Copenhagen based brand SOULLAND in our collaboration.  The two-piece collection includes a t-shirt and a dress-shirt all of which
are designed by Soulland’s design team and us. The pieces featuring all the herbs painted that are used for the »Grie Soß«.  
The collection will be released exclusively on June 30 th at UEBERVART (instore and online) and the SOULLAND webshop.


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