The Uebervart Staff Essential X-MAS Grids


Well, Christmas is close and you really don’t know what to give your best friend, brother, husband, dad or grandpa? Maybe we can help you out. All UEBERVART team members got the job to find their favorite outfit, accessories and shoes that we stock at the moment to give you an idea what to put underneath the Christmas tree.

  • Number 1, Angel (sales): The focus is on the shirt jacket by A Kind Of Guise. Together with a classic Acne jeans and Common Projects kicks it completes a slick look that is ÜBERcool with GANRYU’s bomber jacket.
  • Number 2, Chris (store management): As you can see, Chris is totally into classic menswear: Barena cardigan and Marni pants (well, he is from Italy…) . But he finally kills it with the Nike Footscapes.
  • Number 3, Julian (sales, customer service): Joseph, Acne, Marni and some Norse Projects…we all got the idea behind: c o n t e m p o r a r y ! ! !
  • Number 4, Willy (photographer): Wow, normally Willy is “all black” but since he fell in love with Aspesi and Ganryu he is back to a more colorful style. A yes, he’s a photographer, he can’t skip the GESTALTEN books.
  • Number 5, Philip (sales, webshop model): easy come, easy go, comfortable yet practical but fashionable as well. That’s the way we know our ‘semi professional cycling guy’.
  • Number 6, Daniel (managing partner): Of course he picked his favorite jacket, the M65 Kitsuné Camo…the rest is just an easy add-on. Don’t forget: if you’re the boss, you can wear corduroy.
  • Number 7, Peter (accounting): OK, do not get lost during cold, dark days. As all accountants think: safety first (but in style) with NIKE, Stussy, OFF-WHITE and New Balance.

Now you should be much more relaxed if it comes to Christmas.

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