Uebervart x Black Lodges ’11th project’ Tee Release


Believe it or not: In 2019 we celebrate our 11th birthday. In this time we got to know a lot of brands and met some truly inspiring people, that we now get to call our friends. To mark this event and honor these valued relationships, we have decided to create the “11 years project“: This project consists of a collaboration of 11 t-shirts, created by 11 friends of Uebervart. The journey will last all of 2019 and by owning one of these t-shirts, you will automatically be part of our project. Thank you so much for your loyal support and here is to the next 11 years! Aaaaaand…here we go with our first collab partner: Steven Vogel from Black Lodges!

Whether or not you’re familiar with the name Steven Vogel, it’s more than likely you’ve ogled his work in one field or another; be it his pioneering music and menswear blog, his expert projects for big shots like Burton and Levi’s, or his brazen T-shirt and print designs. Though perhaps a wordsmith at heart, Vogel has proven himself an obsessive creative in all aspects of his work. His artistic vision began brewing at a young age with skateboarding and jam sessions, which was followed by a writing career with book publishers Thames & Hudson. He started lifestyle site The Reference Council in the early blogging days, and even earlier his own creative agency Black Lodges, which continues to take on impressive clients and projects of all scales. The list keeps growing. A watchful eye on Instagram shows Vogel is constantly in production mode (via Hypebeast)

The “In the End” tee launches at Uebervart exclusively on January 31st (Thursday) at 10.30 cet instore and online from 15.00 cet. Don’t sleep on this: the t-shirt is limited to 30.

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